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Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Ok, hands down my favorite beach destination with top of the line all inclusive resorts and the best service and cuisine. I have been to most of the Caribbean Islands, but what people don’t realize, you pay MORE mainly for airfare to those destinations and the sand, trees and turquoise water is the same as the Riviera Maya but MORE $$$! Why pay more because a hotel chain or island has more marketing dollars to show you their version of the beach when you can get the same for way less money? Europeans take 2-3 week vacations a year and guess where they go? Yes, the Mayan Riviera of Mexico! Now, just because they go does not mean we MUST go, but they know the value of this area as I do and why not save $$$ and spend the savings on excursions or a house payment! Look at my pictures below and tell me if I blindfolded you and dropped you at one of those beaches, you would know the difference?

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