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Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Amazing journey to both of these locations which should not be missed during the same trip since it is only about 1 hour drive from each city part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
We have all seen photos of Dubai and yes it is an amazing feat to build this city on reclaimed sand. This place is to marvel over the construction of the Khalifa Towers, but it is really a shopping mecca. The most beautiful malls I have seen with original art, sculptures, indoor aquariums and water fountains that put the Bellagio to shame. YES…they DO have an indoor place to ski , and YES I tried it, see me at the top of the hill.

If you want to experience more of the authentic mid east and culture, then head to Abu Dhabi then on to the LIWA DESERT! The photo you see is of me sitting in the desert with the resort behind me. This has to top my list of the most extraordinary places I have visited. You literally drive for MILES in the empty quarters of the desert passing herds of camels, goats, Bedouins then this magnificent resort called QASR AL SARAB opens up before you, just as you were to say: “Open Sesame”!

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